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Co-Founder Zooplankton Project - UK

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

DSV is looking for a co-founder to build a startup that aims to grow zooplankton on a massive scale and produce a fishmeal alternative product.

Zooplankton is one level down the trophic chain from anchovies and other fish that are used to produce fishmeal. They are the natural feed source of these low trophic level fish and are already used extensively as live prey in fish and shrimp hatcheries as their nutritional profile and size are perfect for larvae. The question is: Can we grow zooplankton on a massive scale and produce a fishmeal alternative product that could fill the gap left by the plateaued production? 

As the co-founder of the zooplankton project, the candidate will be involved in shaping the company from its inception stage to scaling and eventually exiting. He/she will be responsible for developing the project into a venture backable company by de-risking all aspects of the concept and subsequently form the core leadership team of the company. Specifically, the candidate will push the technical/scientific nutrition and engineering aspects of the new zooplankton as a feedstock concept and explore the dimensional space that can be addressed with it.


The project is looking for expertise in fish and/or shrimp nutrition, feed trials, alternative proteins, insect proteins, macro/microalgae, micronutrients and nutraceuticals as well as ingredient processing. Experience in RAS, hatchery systems, live feed as well as project management and product development is desirable.

The candidate should have experience in:

  • Fish/shrimp nutrition (protein and lipid)
  • Alternative protein for aquafeed (insect/seaweed/SCP)
  • Recirculation Aquaculture Systems (hatchery/grow out)

combined with knowledge in any of the following:

  • Genetics (selection)
  • Zooplankton farming
  • Bioinformatics

Taking a co-founder role at DSV is a fantastic opportunity to develop concepts for, and launch your own startup. DSV will provide a salary while starting the company and will support building a founding team, find early data to land first customers and secure investors.

It’s a full-time role working across market analysis, science and venture creation at DSV before incorporating the startup within six months with pre-seed investment from DSV and access to labs through our partnership with the Roslin Innovation Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

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