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Issue 34 Vol 20, August 27, 2020. Previous issues are archived at
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Wenger - Aquatic Feed Division

Researchers successfully replace fishmeal, fish oil in farm-raised carnivorous fish Researchers successfully replace fishmeal, fish oil in farm-raised carnivorous fish
Researchers from the Hawaiian-based Ocean Era found that fishmeal and fish oil can be totally eliminated from the diet of the carnivorous marine fish kampachi with no deleterious consequences.
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KnipBio’s nutritional solution eliminates RAS off-flavorsKnipBio’s nutritional solution eliminates RAS off-flavors
The company found that fish fed a diet containing five percent of the company’s KnipBio Meal single-cell protein have significantly lower levels of geosmin and methylisoborneol as well as stronger growth and survival rates.
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Nuseed’s canola oil to partially replace fish oil in aquafeedsNuseed’s canola oil to partially replace fish oil in aquafeeds
Nuseed completed its commercial-scale fish trials to prove that Aquaterra® can be used as a partial replacement for fish oil in aquafeeds with decreased fish mortality and improved nutrition in the fillet.
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Feeds and genetics to improve salmon pigmentationGeelen Counterflow sells second electric dryer to China
The electric dryer reduces the CO2 footprint of the entire production line by more than 50% and is prepared for either gas-burners and/or electric heat pumps.
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DSM’s new strategic initiative to transform global animal nutrition and healthDSM’s new strategic initiative to transform global animal nutrition and health
The new strategic initiative, We Make it Possible, aims at leading a robust and achievable transformation worldwide in sustainable animal protein production and accelerate solutions that will foster a brighter future.
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Peruvian & European fishmeal
Prices per m/t FOB vessel Peru port ranged from US$ 1,100/1,120 m/t for 65/66% protein to US$ 1,450/1,470 for 68% protein, 500 hist, 120 TVN. European fishmeal prices are in the range of US$1,455 – $1,820.
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Product Manager - Belgium
ADM is looking for a product manager to link sales, R&D and operations and manage products and applications within hatchery feeds, additives and ingredients.
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Technology Lead Nutrition & Formulation - Norway
Cargill is seeking an experienced professional who will identify and execute new business development projects and drive process improvements and supporting tools and metrics.
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Technical Support Manager - Europe
BioMar is looking for a technically strong biologist/engineer with experience in marine finfish operations to support the WestMed and African market.
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Global Product Manager - Europe
Phibro Aqua is seeking a global product manager to manage the company’s global portfolio of current and pipeline products and support the global sales team.
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FeedTech Center Manager - Canada
The Center of Aquaculture Technologies is seeking a talented individual to provide leadership at its new, state-of-the-art FeedTech Center in Souris, PEI, who will be responsible for the performance of the $2 million investment in the latest feed extrusion technology.
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Sales Team Leader - India
Noveltech Feeds Pvt. Ltd. has five open positions as sales team leader to support the company’s emerging fish feed segment.
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Feed Plant Production Manager - Thailand
Inteqc Feed is looking for a feed plant production manager to effectively handle the day to day management of the feed operations, personnel and site.
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Aquaculture Feed VP/Division Manager - Thailand
Inteqc Feed is looking for an aquaculture feed VP/division manager to propose, lead and direct the company’s R&D programs.
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FOR SALE—Krill Oil Extraction Plants
Food grade processing plants used for Tharos’ patented solvent-free krill oil extraction proof-of-concept.
1. Plant used for on-land and at-sea research, built from Danish-made equipment, 100-150k/h.
2. Norwegian-built, plug-and-play concept, commercially operated at-sea, 350-500k/h. DETAILS.
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  • Mycotoxins in aquaculture: The risk of generalization in a sector with 466 species
  • New fermented feed additive improves productivity in fish and shrimp culture
  • Strengthen against salinity stress
  • Functional feed to solve blue coloration in indoor shrimp farming system
  • Metabolomics gives simple answers to ease the exploitation of insect meal for aquafeed
  • Column: Albert Tacon – Aquaculture and aquafeed production in 2018
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Study successfully replaces fishmeal and fish oil in carnivorous fish
Researchers in Kona, Hawaii, have made a breakthrough in the quest to develop a cost-effective “fish-free” feed for farm-raised Kampachi, or almaco jack, a carnivorous marine fish prized for its rich, buttery flavor.
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Join Sparos free webinar on nutritional tools for the aquafeed industry
The company will hold a webinar on how its nutritional tool can help users predict the effects of nutritional and environmental factors on fish growth, feed conversion, feed costs, body composition and waste emissions.
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1:   Innovafeed: Scalable insect solutions for sustainable food, EAS
15:   Mucus, the frontier in fish innate immune response, Adisseo
16:   Choose the right NIR set-up for your application needs, FOSS
17:   Fermentation for algae production, EABA
23:   Reap the benefits of instrument networking, FOSS
29:   Sensing in feed – Multi-NIR inline system, Bühler
30:   Improve the uptime of your NIR solution, FOSS
1:   FEEDNETICS™ forecasting tool for the aquafeed sector, Sparos
7:   Algae biofertilizers and biostimulants, EABA
14:   Osmoregulation and ionic balance in shrimp, Adisseo
27:   How pre- and probiotics increase feed efficiency in aquaculture, Biochem
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