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Aquaculture Innovation Forum unveils innovation showcase finalists

Eight startups were selected and will be taken to the stage on September 6 in London to pitch their technologies.

August 12, 2022

The finalists of the Aquaculture Innovation Forum Innovation Showcase were announced this week ahead of the event taking place in London from September 6-7, 2022. The showcase provides the opportunity to hear from the most exciting companies in the aquaculture space currently looking for investments or partnerships across nutrition, digital and health for various farm situations and species.

These eight startups were selected by the Aquaculture Innovation Forum’s selection committee, consisting of Peritus Capital, S2G Ventures, and Devonian Capital, and will be taken to the stage on September 6 in London to pitch their technologies. The winner will then be selected and announced live at the event.

The finalists

AquiNovo: The company develops proprietary platform technology that promotes gut performance thus significantly improving gut health, feed utilization and growth. The platform is proven for tilapia and salmon and is applicable to both aqua and terrestrial species. AquiNovo platform is based on innovative, targeted, bio-active, and biodegradable peptides.

Local Ocean: The company was created in 2017 to become the first shrimp farm in the Baltics. Since then, the company shifted its strategy to develop a unique hardware + software shrimp farming solution merging and adapting traditional shrimp production methods from outdoor pond farming and indoor RAS best practices, to create a scalable high yield/ low-cost shrimp production solution available for all.

Luminis Water Technologies: Luminis provides microbiome analytics for early disease detection and water doctoring solutions. Their core product is AquaGENius, an easy-to-use microbiome field sampling kit that allows anyone in the world to take a water sample to get NextGen sequencing and analysis.

Next Tuna: The company will be the first to close ABT’s reproductive cycle in an aquafarm at a commercial scale. They will thus be the first truly sustainable source of ABT. They will sell fingerlings to grow-out farms: this replaces wild catch and is a route-to-market that relies on a well-established industry value chain.

Observe Technologies: The company uses computer vision and artificial intelligence to optimize the biggest cost on an aquaculture farm - feeding (which represents 50% of salmon farming expenses). They have consistently proven that their product reduces the FCR and increases the growth of fish, saving farmers up to 10% of their feed costs and reducing growth time by up to 3%.

Seawater Solutions: The startup is a nature-based company developing ways to turn degraded land such as deserts and salinized land into productive wetland agro-ecologies for ecosystem restoration and novel bio-mass production. The company has developed blue economy feed products for the aquaculture industry that replace conventional feeds with carbon-negative feeds.

Seneye: The company is a UK IoT Sensor and cloud monitoring manufacturer with a multiparameter, scalable probe system including monitoring free toxic ammonia NH3+ for a low cost to 0.001ppm. They have been manufacturing and active in the public aquaria and ornamental industries for over 12 years.

Volare: The Nordic food and feed technology startup is an industrial platform that turns food industry side streams into valuable, ultra-sustainable, healthy and high-quality products for the feed and other industries with the help of nature’s original bioreactor, the black soldier fly.

The Aquaculture Innovation Summit will be taking place in London in September 2022 and focuses on accelerating the growth of the industry by addressing challenges across nutrition, health, and digital, while showcasing and supporting emerging technologies. To register, click here.