Insect-based protein holds promise for aquafeeds

Neptune Industries, Inc. announces patent filing on advanced dietary protein component
October 6, 2006

Neptune Industries, Inc. announced today that a provisional Process Patent Application was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a unique nutritional dietary protein component.

Mr. Ernest Papadoyianis, President stated, “We are very excited about this process patent technology and its enormous worldwide potential for solving nutritional gaps in animal and  human diets. Specialized commercial production and processing of select insects into the Ento-protein™ meal is a highly sustainable growth source for future dietary protein. Additionally, through the careful selection of feed, the meal can be naturally fortified with essential Omega 3 fatty acids for further dietary value. The search for a comparable protein replacement for fish meal has been a major focal point in the aquaculture and livestock industries over the last five years. The significant rise in price, and reciprocal limitations on production from the wild, make fish meal a vanishing resource. Fish, poultry, hog, cattle, and other animal diets heavily rely on fish meal as a prime protein source. The key to producing quality fish and animal diets in the future will inevitably depend upon the production of a sustainable, high-quality protein source.”

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Neptune Industries, Inc. has developed a scalable, modular aquaculture technology called Aqua-Sphere™ and Aqua-Cell™ that successfully address the environmental concerns of most aquaculture operations by controlling and recycling all waste products,  while insuring the production of the highest quality fish at an affordable price. The company currently operates the Blue Heron Aqua Farms in Florida City, FL and is a leading producer of hybrid striped bass, which it markets internationally as Everglades Striped Bass.

The company’s current production at its Blue Heron farm, and future production with Aqua-Sphere™ System technology are intended to target the organic market once such certification is available.

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