Sino Agro Food Appoints Dr. Anthony C. Ostrowski as Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Tony Ostrowski to head R&D and Product Certification Division as Chief Scientific Officer
August 4, 2015

Dr. Ostrowski was most recently general manager and CEO of Wanshida Ocean Bio-tech, Ltd., a Chinese aquaculture R&D firm located in Yangjiang, PRC. Previously he held various roles at the Oceanic Institute, Hawaii, including President and CEO from 2009-2012. Dr. Ostrowski will represent SIAF at aquaculture and food product conferences, and in trade and professional journals.

The primary mission of the R&D and Certification Division is to underpin the Company\'s products produced at existing aquaculture facilities and the emerging Zhongshan New Prawn Project with science, accommodating value added lines and branding. The Division aims to provide a solid foundation for honest and effective brand recognition through research that will promote innovation, and by implementing a third-party process certification and a product traceability program based on internationally accepted best practices and management standards. The Division will be managed as a profit center, with new technologies, products, and services for sale to domestic and international organizations.