Trends in aquaculture hatcheries: Feeds for shrimp hatcheries

Hatchery Feed & Management is organizing the webinar series "Trends in aquaculture hatcheries" focused on different topics of importance for hatcheries. In this webinar, 3:58 Luk Van Nieuwenhove, Director of I&V Bio, 25:36 Leandro Castro, Research Project Manager at Zeigler Bros, 47:40 Jef Peeters, Global Product Manager Shrimp Hatcheries at BioMar, and 1:09:05 Thomas Raynaud, Product Manager for Bernaqua/Epicore at ADM Animal Nutrition discuss different approaches to improve shrimp hatchery production through feeds.

Sponsored by I&V Bio and Zeigler.

Moderator: Cedric Simon, Aquaculture Nutrition & Production Systems Group Leader at CSIRO.