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AFIA offers online, on-demand feed modules

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Select content from AFIA/KSU-500 “Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing” online course is available in smaller segments online and on-demand. Employees can sign up for and take any of the available courses at a time that best fits their schedules. Participants will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the module. Please note, once a module is purchased, the participant will have 30 days to finish.

Available modules include:

  • AFIA 500A: Overview of U.S. Feed Industry and History ($79 AFIA member & $99 non-member). This module covers the evolution of the U.S. animal food industry, including governmental oversight of the industry and current issues. Participants will learn about the history of how the formula feed industry began in the U.S., how the introduction of new ingredients changed formula feed manufacturing, when the different types of processing equipment were introduced to the feed industry and how feed regulations affected the industry. This is a great module for employees who are new to the animal food industry.
  • AFIA 500B: Batching, Mixing and Particle Size Reduction ($99 AFIA member & $119 non-member). This module covers the types of equipment used to batch ingredients, how to calculate the batch cycle time and how to determine the correct order of ingredient addition to a mixer. Participants will learn about the importance of feed uniformity on animals, the types of mixers and factors affecting mixer performance and the purpose of the grinding process. It also covers hammermills and roller mills and other factors affecting grinding efficiency, measuring and expressing particle size.
  • AFIA 500C: Pelleting Process ($129 AFIA member & $149 non-member). This module covers the benefits of pelleting, the purpose of conditioning, the principles of conditioning and pellet mills and pellet die specifications. Participants will also learn about the general function of pellet coolers, types of pellet coolers and factors involved in the efficiency of pellet coolers.
  • AFIA 500D: Finished Product Packaging and Bulk Loadout ($79 AFIA member & $99 non-member). This module covers the finished product packaging, warehousing, product labeling, truck fleet management and feed recall.
  • AFIA 500E: Basics of Quality Assurance ($79 AFIA member & $99 non-member). This module will cover three topics: fundamentals of a good quality assurance program and the importance of a quality control program; factors to consider when establishing a quality assurance program; and fundamentals of the food safety plan hazard analysis and preventive controls.
  • AFIA 500F: Boilers and Boiler Efficiency ($79 AFIA member & $99 non-member). This module covers the boiler and steam definitions and energy balance, water treatment, boiler designs and steam harness.  
  • AFIA 500G: Preventive Maintenance, Sanitation and Energy Conservation ($79 AFIA member & $99 non-member). This module provides an overview of preventive maintenance, including developing a program, costs and inventory management. Participants will also learn about plant sanitation and energy conservation programs.

Purchase a module here. To access the member rate, enter code: XHGJV3.


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