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New Leiber yeast extracts portfolio with natural multi-functional components

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Inactivated and autolyzed brewers' yeasts have been used for a long time as natural and sustainable ingredients to increase the acceptance of various feeds. Furthermore, brewers' yeast extracts offer unique taste effects and functions thanks to their multifunctional components such as peptides, amino acids and nucleotides. Leiber developed Leiber NuTaste® specifically for uses of brewers' yeasts for animals.

Leiber NuTaste® products offer a portfolio of natural flavors, which can be deployed either pure or in combination with other yeast extracts. NuTaste® thereby offers a very broad spectrum of applications to product developers and ration optimizers based on the enhanced attractiveness, tastiness and taste improvement of feeds and the corresponding increase in feed intake.

Leiber's in-house production methods ensure valuable, standardized food-quality products with unique taste profiles ranging from brothy, meaty and savory to umami and roast-flavored BBQ-like tastes. As well as flavor, some NuTaste® products have additional coloring or nutritional effects. This means that the products can be used e.g. for enhancing individual flavors, lowering the salt content in the product, replacing artificial colorants as well as for vegetarian and vegan applications e.g. in pet food. Therefore Leiber NuTaste® covers a large number of customer-specific requirements and applications.


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