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Scoular unveils five-year sustainability strategy

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Scoular deployed a five-year sustainability strategy as it strives to create a positive impact on the agricultural industry and provide sustainable solutions for and with customers and other third-party partners, including farmers.

“Scoular has long embraced high-integrity business practices and supports the communities in which our employees work and live,” said CEO Paul Maass. “Our sustainability strategy builds on this foundation to guide and measure the positive impact we aim to deliver for the future of our industry, our communities and our planet.”

The strategy encompasses five pillars, each tied to milestones and measurable goals Scoular will work to achieve by 2025. Those five pillars are:

  • Reducing its carbon footprint.
  • Fostering responsible marine sourcing.
  • Engaging in its communities.
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Upholding workplace health and safety.

Progress against the goals will be reported annually to employees, customers, vendors, Scoular’s board of directors and other stakeholders.   

Maass said Scoular looks forward to partnering with its customers, producers and other third parties to create sustainability-focused, customized solutions. “Scoular empowers its employees to quickly respond to a customer’s specific needs,” Maass said. “We are well-positioned to join with our partners to create sustainable solutions for their businesses, strategies which are in tune with Scoular’s values and deep history of stewardship. We are excited about the foundation this provides for Scoular’s sustainability impact over the upcoming five years and leveraging this platform to partner with our customers on their unique sustainability programs and needs.”

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