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Dinnissen presents recent innovations at its online exhibition

Monday, December 7, 2020

Dinnissen held its second online digital fair and introduced three of its latest innovations.

Multisize sample carousel

The requirements for food safety and product quality continue to increase. Testing product quality during the production process is therefore becoming increasingly important and intensive. Fortunately, this process can be greatly simplified and systematized with an innovative sampling carousel.

For the first time, the Multisize Sample Carousel makes it possible to collect different sample sizes in one automated sampling process. Producers can now determine the order and frequency per sample size. Samples for various purposes (start sample, chemical sample, bacteriological sample, hour sample, batch sample) can now be collected in series fully automated with exactly the right amount of product per sample.

“With our sampling carousel, it was already possible to automatically take batches of the desired volume and weight, at the desired frequency. With the Multisize Sample Carousel, you can now also take different sample sizes for various quality tests in series and fully automatically,” the company said.

High-care filling and low-care palletizing in one station

The company also presented its state-of-the-art technology for filling big bags in high-care zones. This innovation combines high-care filling with low-care palletizing. It complies with all requirements for high-care, medium-care and low-care filling, processing, sealing, and transportation of big-bags. In addition, this solution is equipped with a fully automatic palletizing station.

The Big-Bag conditioner

For many producers, emptying big bags is currently a difficult and slow process, because the product has clumped (during transport) and therefore cannot flow out properly. The Big-Bag Conditioner is designed to loosen up heavily compacted products, which results in a smooth and rapid product flow. This innovation speeds up the production process by integrating conditioning and high-speed discharge.

Visit Dinnissen online autumn exhibition for more information.


Photo caption: Multisize sample carousel.




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