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FAMSUN introduces new micro-pellet shrimp feed pelleting line

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

In close collaboration with customers, FAMSUN recently has accelerated the development progress of its future-proof solutions, and successfully launched a new shrimp feed pelleting line to help producers increase their micro-pellet feed supply during the COVID-19 crisis.

The reconfigured pelleting line includes a MYTZ1200X conditioning system, a SZLH650×175X pellet mill, a SWDB24×24B stabilizer and a SLNF22×22A cooler. MYTZ1200X and SZLH650×175X are specially designed to produce the best production efficiency and the best pellet quality according to the material characteristics of shrimp feed formula and the feeding behaviors of shrimp in different growing phases. The SWDB24×24B stabilizer, on the other hand, creates a fast-preheating, uniform and high-temperature conditioning space to obtain improved starch gelatinization and water durability for feed pellets. While the SLNF22×22A cooler is installed to achieve a uniform, thoroughly cooling and reasonable water reduction, avoiding weight loss of product causing by over de-watering.

Technically and practically, this is one of the largest micro-pellet shrimp feed pelleting lines in China. The optimized line has proven itself by increasing production capacity from 3-4 t/h to 5-6 t/h when processing pellets as small as 1.0 mm in some feed mills since May 2020.

Through automation and the transformation of FAMSUN's expertise and the best production practices of shrimp feed mills into digital solutions, all machines on the pelleting line are able to work at their best performance without redundant capabilities. Product moisture is well controlled throughout the whole processing line. While the impact of ring die on pellet quality is eliminated by reasonable linear velocity, proper die hole opening pattern and optimized opening rate.

All of these thoughtful designs and considerations finally contribute to high-capacity yet high-performance, cost-effective micro-pellet shrimp feed production. Feed pellets are produced to have all the right attributes in terms of density, water durability, pellet appearance, digestibility, etc.

The improved automation level of the whole pelleting line also helps to reduce operational complexity and allows producers to continue their production with fewer operators in the time of the COVID-19 crisis.  


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