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Aquafeed extrusion courses live-streamed for Europe

Friday, March 5, 2021

With COVID-19 still causing travel restrictions, extrusion training presented by Australians Dennis Forte and Gordon Young will be live-streamed this year. 

The Aquafeed Extrusion Technology course, first held in Norway in 2015 and annually since, except in 2020, was also live-streamed in Chile in January. The organization said that it was very well received. “While we acknowledge live streaming has some limitations, we encourage live questions and discussion and participants have told us that it works,” said organizer and presenter, Gordon Young.  

The courses in Norway are offered in association with FôrTek (Centre for Feed Technology). This year the two extrusion courses for aquafeed and pet food will be presented in parallel from May 3-5. As the same technology is used in both industries, most of the program will be common for both participants with some specialist presentations in parallel sessions. There is also a Design of Food Extrusion Dies program being offered from May 6-8.

The programs are relevant to both single- and twin-screw extruders. A major strength is the practical experience of the presenters. “We take the approach of presenting the theory behind extrusion – which applies to all types – and then showing how to apply that theory to practical processes and products,” the organizers said. Sessions will cover the design of extrusion processes and how the formulation affects the extrusion process, with examples demonstrating the application of the theory. Principles learned will be applied during a streamed practical demonstration.

Details of courses are available via www.fie.com.au/events. For more information, contact Gordon Young, gyoung@fie.com.au.


Photo caption: Pilot plant demonstration at previous course.


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