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Natural feed additive awarded US patent

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

HP Ingredients’ natural aquafeed ingredient, NatControl, was awarded US patent #10,967,035 B1. NatControl is a nutrient-dense feed additive for commercial aquaculture composed of dried seaweed powder combined with 2.5% andrographolide (from Andrographis paniculata). NatControl increases feed conversion ratio and growth rate while simultaneously reducing vulnerability to marine pathogens such as Piscirickettsia salmonis and white-spot syndrome virus.

The new patented ingredient was developed as a viably alternative approach to conventional aquaculture health protection through antibiotic administration and vaccination. However, antibiotics added to fish feed enable the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and may leave some residue in the fish prior to it being consumed. Vaccines are expensive and labor-intensive and they do not protect against all prevalent viruses. Further, the continued use of antibiotics in farm-raised fish is believed to be a causative factor in the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains transferred to humans. 

The patent was awarded based on the strength of research demonstrating its ability to bolster the health of aquaculture species (ie, gill-bearing fish and crustaceans) including salmon, shrimp, tuna, lobster and other popularly consumed marine species.

“The health and wellness movement globally has escalated with no signs of slowing,” said Annie Eng, CEO of HP Ingredients. “Nutritious diets are at the forefront of wellness pursuits. Pescetarianism is a fast-growing diet that not only provides health benefits but the knowledge that it is more environmentally friendly than eating meat or poultry. This dietary emphasis has placed more spotlight on the aquaculture industry and the need to grow resources to fulfill demand. A challenge in doing so is to ensure the health of the aquaculture species. We feel that NatControl is the most effective, natural tool to do just that.”


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