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Introduction to tilapia in sub-Saharan Africa

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Dutch aquaculture investment fund Aqua-Spark released the first edition of its Aqua Insights Report Series, An Introduction to Tilapia in Sub-Saharan Africa.

This first report addresses why and how farmed tilapia can and should play an important role in solving sub-Saharan Africa’s challenge to produce sufficient food for its growing population. The report provides an overview of the current geography of tilapia production, the producers involved, and the various segments of the supply chain (including feed and feed ingredients, genetics and hatcheries, health, aquatech, and marketing and distribution), as well as insights into the challenges that the sector is confronted with, and an overview of the investment opportunities and the existing investment landscape. 

“With the Aqua Insights Report Series, we aim to provide investors and others alike with an introduction to different segments and geographies of the aquaculture industry. Our aim is to give you enough insight to convince you that sustainable aquaculture should become an even bigger part of the solution to the protein challenge that we’re confronted with, and impel you to support and engage in efforts to ensure sustainable aquaculture’s success. We believe that reliably meeting the world’s growing demand for protein while simultaneously sustaining our environment will require a radical transformation of global aquaculture, which needs to be a large-scale collaborative effort between diverse stakeholders and investors committed to supporting innovation and long-term growth,” Aqua-Spark said.

Download the report here.

Aqua-Spark to launch an African fund

Aqua-Spark is planning to launch an Africa Fund in the last quarter of 2021. “The first round of the fund will close at $50 million. We aim to raise an additional $250 million within the next 6-8 years and grow the fund further after that depending on the capacity to deploy. The initial $50 million allows us to finance a significant part of the immediate funding requirement of some of the top 25 companies in our pipeline, and with $300 million we’ll be well-positioned to finance the longer-term future of aquaculture in sub-Saharan Africa,” Aqua-Spark said.


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