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Extru-Tech, Inc.introduces new valve options for extrusion

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In a continued effort to improve product performance and production control, Extru-Tech, Inc. has introduced a new Mid-Barrel Valve (MBV), as well as a new Energy Management Valve (EMV). Used independently, or together, both products offer increased control of SME (Specific Mechanical Energy).

Because it is an internal component, the MBV can be added in any position along the length of the barrel for on-line control of SME and product density. Used with the company’s highly adaptable single screw extruders, the new MBV allows manufacturers to achieve higher SME, higher cook and lower bulk density, even with fresh meat and high-fat recipes.

The new EMV located at the barrel discharge, meanwhile, controls the final characteristics of the product by dynamically adjusting the extruder die restriction — even when the machine is in operation. Because of the advanced EMV design it also allows the flow of off-spec extrudate to be diverted away from the conveyance system thus reducing the chances of contaminating the conveyance system and further reducing food safety risk. Used together, the EMV and MBV further maximize SME, by manipulating product density. Their combined use also allows for quicker acquisition of product density, critical limit temperatures and pressures … all with less waste. 

Extru-Tech, Inc., headquartered in Sabetha, Kansas, USA, currently produces and markets one of the industry's most complete lines of extrusion processing systems, along with a full line of ancillary equipment and customized equipment solutions for specialized processes. Since 1985, Extru-Tech has installed extrusion systems worldwide, designed for the production of human food, pet food, aquatic feed and animal feed products.


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