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Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces YANG

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to introduce its new product for the US and Mexican swine and aquaculture markets — YANG®, yeast association new generation.

YANG is a concentrate of yeast derivatives that support animals during stressful and challenging conditions such as weaning, feed transitions and sanitary challenges. YANG can be used in most feed production processes. Trials have been conducted in controlled facilities and in commercial farms showing beneficial effects in post-weaning piglets, shrimp and fish.

The properties of yeast derivatives — products obtained from inactivated yeast cells — are well known in human and animal nutrition, which include their ability to adhere to specific bacteria and help support the immune system. A collaborative examination conducted with research institutes confirmed that these properties are highly strain-dependent and linked to the yeast genome.

Lallemand R&D teams have selected yeast strains with different and complementary properties, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Cyberlindnera jadinii,  and combined them to create YANG.

Who is Lallemand?

Lallemand Animal Nutrition develops, manufactures and markets yeast and bacteria products, including probiotics, silage inoculants and yeast derivatives.


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