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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dinnissen has broadened the deployability of its mixers, thanks to a mix of innovations. The mixers have been further improved in several areas, and, moreover, they explicitly consider the role of the mixer in the overall operation. That is why the validation of mixing processes have now been added to their service.

Dinnissen Process Technology is actively engaged in the development and manufacture of process equipment such as grinding mills, mixers, bulk bag filling systems, turnkey projects for the food industry, animal feed industry, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The company is a specialist in prudent, hygienic and rapid mixing of powders, pellets and granules. They never shirk challenges such as achieving higher capacities, improving homogeneous mixing of micro-components, mixing poor flowing materials or processing high percentages of liquid. On the contrary; Dinnissen is constantly looking for applications that are a trigger for the development of even better mixers.

Improved D-Topline
The desire for constant innovation has recently led to the introduction of the 'Improved D-Topline', a model based on the familiar Pegasus double-axle paddle mixer. The geometry of the installation is modified in such a way that the upper sides of the mixing chamber lean in towards each other, resulting in a drop shape. The negative angle of inclination in the upper side of the mixing chamber reduces the risk of product adhesion. In addition, the 'Improved D-Topline "can be equipped with an additional hatch ('front hedge') on the front. This feature makes it much easier to inspect or clean the mixer. In some cases, thanks to this hatch, a version can be offered where the paddle axle assembly can be driven entirely from the mixing chamber.
Furthermore, the ‘Improved D-Topline’ is provided with a divisible shaft seal, allowing the installation to be CIP-cleanable.

High-shear mixer
Dinnissen is at an advanced stage of optimising high-shear applications in the mixing process, which are also based on the Pegasus mixing principle. There are applications in which powders require a greater frictional force in order to obtain a homogeneous product.
A change in the paddle configuration ensures that the new high shear process applies the necessary energy to the product, but without sacrificing the typical advantages of the Pegasus mixer.

Explosion-proof mixer
Yet another development is the introduction of an explosion-proof mixer (Atex-zone 20 internal), suitable for processing materials in which the Kst- and LEL-values are within a fixed range. This mixer was subject to a risk assessment and received a type approval for the entire Pegasus mixer range from an independent Notified Body.

‘All in one’ concept
The 'All in one' concept is Dinnissen’s response to the demand for fully integrated process lines. An example is the mixing line which has recently been shipped to a customer in the United States. This consists of a skid comprising a docking system for vessels which can be deposited into the mixer dust-free, which can then move the mixer up and down to mix and fill the same vessel again. The great advantage of the 'All in one' concept is that the various components are perfectly matched to each other. This means that a consistently high-quality product can be guaranteed. There is no segregation of the product, moreover the process is completely dust-free and explosion-proof.

Smart concept
Dinnissen is becoming increasingly involved in the concept stage with their customers. This lies in the fact that the company not only acts as a process specialist but also as a solution provider. Nowadays, processes are developed using 3D modelling, simulations and time analysis. Thanks to VR support (Virtual Reality), the customer can visualise the design of a process and have an idea of the accessibility and possibilities of systems and components at a much earlier stage. One of the accomplishments of Pegasus mixers is that they are able to mix in concentrations as low as 0.1%. This offers the possibility of removing a premix-step, thereby simplifying the process and gaining the benefits of less handling and energy consumption.

The increasing interest in the role of the mixer in the overall production process translates into the need for Dinnissen’s customers to have the mixer validated. A validation makes it possible to determine which set of parameters will result in the raw materials being homogeneously mixed to produce an end product of the required quality. Thus, making it possible to reproduce the mixing processes. Dinnissen is also interested in this validation data, as it will allow them to further optimise their mixers. For that reason, Dinnissen has now added a validation of its mixing processes, which may, if required, be undertaken by an independent agency.

In context:
Multifunctional processing mixer
The Pegasus double-axle paddle mixer from Dinnissen Process Technology is ideally suited for the energy-efficient and product-friendly processing of a wide range of raw materials. The paddles create a fluid bed in the mixing chamber. The product particles can move freely in the fluidised zone, resulting in a quick and intensive mix. As a result, it is also possible to dry the particles with energy-efficient sucked or injected warm, dry air. The combination of various process steps (such as mixing and drying) in one system reduces the necessary floor space and saves on the purchase of process equipment. In addition, a combination of process steps minimises the effort required to clean a process line. The mixing and drying parameters of the mixer are easy to adjust, so that a variety of recipes can be easily produced from a single installation.


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