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Geelen Counterflow introduces the Continuous Dryer MkIII

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Geelen Counterflow has introduced the Continuous Dryer MkIII, an energy-saving drying concept that delivers improved drying performance.

In Geelen’s new system, wet product from the extruder is continuously added to the top of the product beds. At the same time, dried product at the bottom of the product bed is discharged in small quantities to the next drying stage or to the hopper. Geelen has developed a sophisticated automatic control system for drying the individual recipes according to product-specific process parameters such as air volume, air temperature and residence time. The drying is very homogeneous, resulting in a guaranteed moisture uniformity of +/- 0.5%.

The refined counterflow heat exchange design makes the Continuous Dryer MkIII 20% more energy-efficient than other industry alternatives. Non-saturated air is recycled. Only a small volume - the fully saturated air - is exhausted. 

The product distribution system has been completely redesigned and optimized in the new Continuous Dryer MkIII. The upgraded control system now automatically keeps the product bed at the right height for each product. The ability to control the residence time during production process start-up and shut-down is a further innovation which eliminates product clumping and inconsistent product quality at the beginning and end of the production process. 

The Continuous Dryer MkIII s equipped with a number of features which improve hygiene, convenience and speed when cleaning. For example, the discharge system is more accessible. The interior now features easily cleanable walls and smooth curves in areas where dirt and product residue can accumulate.

The Continuous Dryer MkIII is suitable for energy-efficient drying of extruded products across a capacity range from 1 to 10 tonnes per hour.

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