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Van Aarsen Ingredient Dosing Systems

Friday, November 24, 2017

Van Aarsen International, based in The Netherlands, has released specialized Small, Micro, and Precision Ingredient Dosing systems to optimize the fine dosing process. These systems allow producers to accurately dose a large number of vitamins, minerals, and additives without any loss of quality, speed and production capacity.

The first step in finding an optimum fine dosing solution is to analyze the recipes of the production location in question. Then, Van Aarsen calculates the best combination of dosing systems to realize optimum accuracy in combination with the highest possible production speed. The final design proposal is based on an integrated system of individual dosing units, consisting of a combination of micro-dosing (up to 20 or 50 kg) and small dosing (up to 75, 100, or 200 kg), with each dosing system being able to dose eight different ingredients. A precision dosing system (up to 1 kg) can also be integrated into the micro-dosing unit.

The combination of several individual dosing units allows producers to simultaneously weigh out several micro-ingredients, thereby speeding up the entire weighing and dosing process. For example, a combination of three dosing units can handle a maximum range of 24 (3 x 8) ingredients and weigh up to three times faster.

The combination of Small, Micro, and Precision Ingredient Dosing enables Van Aarsen to integrate three different dosing systems into one production process. This provides users with significant benefits in terms of optimum flexibility, accuracy, and speed. Van Aarsen’s high-capacity dosing system also has a very compact design (1.60 x 1.60 x 2.10 m) and can therefore easily be integrated into new as well as existing production lines.

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