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Steinsvik about to launch 4K camera for feed control

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Steinsvik is preparing to release its line of 4K cameras for feed monitoring. 4K is the new standard for image resolution and enables farmers to use even bigger video screens without any quality loss.  More information in the image means more possibilities for image recognition and image processing.

"Our customers are reporting that observing the fish is easier with the new cameras and that it gives them an operational advantage when feeding," stated Jørn Petter Haavik, product manager for cameras in Steinsvik. "The fact that the cameras have a higher resolution than before is of course important, but the focus on HD is a bit misplaced. HD cameras can be bought in any electric store, but the real difference is made possible by the optics and the image processing chips."

Steinsvik is also in the final stages of its pellet recognition project, and in the near future will be able to do lice counting, biomass measurements and behavioral analysis of the fish.



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