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Nor-Feed and SONAS launch joint laboratory FeedInTech to develop precision animal nutrition

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nor-Feed and the SONAS research unit of the Angers University have launched their joint laboratory FeedInTech. 

FeedInTech aims to develop precision animal nutrition by connecting the human resources, know-how and cutting-edge research equipment of both partners.

The FeedInTech creation is the result of a collaboration that started in 2008 with research work on saponin-based plants and their benefits in animal nutrition.

FeedInTech will investigate animal nutrition using a three-step process, starting with characterization and quantification of molecules inside an additive. Active compounds are extracted from the plant to better characterize it using technologies such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance. This first step allows an accurate dosage of the interesting molecules in the additive.

The next step is the study of mechanisms of action to focus on the physiological response of an animal whose diet has been supplemented. The goal is to have an accurate indication of the additives mode of action and to ensure the effectiveness of the products. The third step is biological modeling. 

FeedInTech is now operational and working on citrus extracts and their benefits on the gut microbiota.


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