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IFFO conference closes with calls to improve communication and stakeholder engagement

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

IFFO’s Annual Conference came to a close following three days of fascinating discussions. In his closing remarks, IFFO’s new Director General Petter Martin Johannessen stated that the industry has some key next steps that have been highlighted through the conference discussions.

The event, which was the highest attended European event for the trade organization, consisted of three days of market, technical and general industry discussions.

Johannessen noted that the dominant message that remained consistent throughout the event was the industry’s need to improve how it communicates and engages with its stakeholders. Johannessen’s concluding message was “we have listened, are listening, and going forward IFFO will focus on three core areas. First, engaging our stakeholders from across the value chain, positioning marine ingredients as having the true value they have. Second, proactively communicating that true value and their unique and important role in global food production, while analyzing new areas that are ready for innovation. And third, evidence based approach means that we will stick to the facts and be transparent in our activities. We have a good story to tell and it’s our responsibility as both IFFO and the wider industry to tell it."

To that end, the conference presented the industry with tools to effectively communicate the contribution and role that marine ingredients play. An example was Prof Brett Glencross (Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling), who gave a compelling presentation on what makes fishmeal such a special resource. In short, he noted that fishmeal is among the best ingredients available for absolute protein content and while there are ingredients with higher protein, they are rarely cost-competitive. To further build on this research, Glencross is working on an IFFO-funded project to build a fishmeal database; this will be a valuable information resource for IFFO members.

The event was attended by around 440 delegates from a record 45 countries. A full summary of the proceedings is available on the IFFO Blog.




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