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BioMar’s Science ON addresses probiotics in salmonids

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

BioMar held the latest event under the Science ON program in Chile. These events are aimed to expand salmon stakeholders’ knowledge to improve business decisions that adequately respond to the multiple risks and needs of the markets.

How the use of probiotics can improve fish health and performance was the topic addressed at the event. Torunn Forberg, senior researcher of the health area at BioMar, stated that disease related with salmonid rickettsial septicaemia (SRS) might be related with probiotics. “We know that this bacterium enters the fish mainly through previous irritations in the gills, but with well-treated wounds and strengthening mucus production it is possible to help the fish to cope with this pathogen and improve the cellular immune response of the organism,” Forberg explained.

But are probiotics really a more sustainable way to strengthen fish health? “Feed formulations with probiotics are designed with a preventive focus and aim at strengthening the immune system prior to the disease. This way, the use of antimicrobials is reduced which definitely contributes to environmental sustainability,” said Óscar Berríos, product manager at BioMar.

Eric Lecrercq, Lallemand, addressed the advantages of Bactocell, the only probiotic approved for its use in aquaculture by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) since 2009. Lecrercq presented Lallemand’s trails results performed in Chile that showed a 40% reduction in fry deformities and an improvement in intestinal growth and health.

Other topics such as the current health status of salmon farming in Chile, advances and challenges of probiotics in human health and sustainable aquaculture were also addressed.


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