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New functional feed targets seasonal skin diseases

Monday, February 3, 2020

Farmed fish are affected by a variety of skin conditions, some of which have significant economic and welfare implications. In the Mediterranean Sea, skin diseases and lesions such as petechial rash or lymphocystis have a high prevalence. Petechial rash is a skin inflammatory disease that leads to high morbidity, low mortality – only caused by secondary infections – and decreases the commercial value of fish due to the appearance of wounds in the skin. Currently, the only solution to control this seasonal disease is antibiotics.

Aquasoja developed a functional feed, YGEIA DERMA, which is reinforced in zinc and vitamin C to enhance epithelial regeneration in immune response promoters and includes extracts of flavonoid-rich plants with anti-inflammatory and anti-stress effects. A decrease in the incidence of skin rash, loss of body weight and mortality and a regeneration in the skin of fish is achieved in seabass and seabream when fed with the correct feeding rate.

YGEIA DERMA is the second product of the YGEIA range, a line of functional feeds composed of 100% natural ingredients to prevent or solve certain issues in farming conditions. YGEIA PLUS is the first product in the range that boosts animals’ defenses and decreases the risk of diseases normally associated with handling, vaccines, sudden changes in environmental conditions and other adverse factors.


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