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New bag-in-box solution for feed production lines

Monday, May 18, 2020

Dinnissen Process Technology developed a new bag-in-box solution to improve efficiency in production lines. This fully automated innovation places bags in boxes automatically and packs, labels and transports these boxes. With this addition, the company automates customers' production processes one step further.

Dinnissen's bag-in-box solution adds one final process step to the production process of powders or granules. Bags and big-bags (FIBC) have already been automatically filled and sealed, but can now also be packed in boxes, as compactly as possible. The bag-in-box solution vibrates sealed bags flat, transports them via a conveyor belt to a funnel, after which the bags are automatically placed in boxes. If desired, the boxes are then labeled automatically. With the bag-in-box solution, producers can compactly pack up to 60 bags per hour into boxes.

Watch video here.


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