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Skretting's technical assistance goes online

Monday, May 25, 2020

The pandemic has been key to rethink new ways of doing things. In the case of Skretting’s technical assistance, the impossibility of field visits has changed to reaching customers through digital means. The company’s team of specialists is creating video sessions that address the topics that are generally presented in its NUtraining program. “We want to stay connected and support our clients, that’s why we add this digital content. We are very excited about this new way of communication and have received very good opinions from our clients, who continue to require our advice and all the additional services that Skretting can provide,” said Marcelo Abarzúa, deputy commercial manager of Skretting Chile.

Regarding the content, Marcelo Abarzúa said that “we are posting YouTube videos so everyone can access and review this content for general and technical interest to the industry.”

The first two videos were already posted. “Nutrient discharge models” is one of these videos that presents the basis of the model used to estimate the retention of nutrients by fish and their discharges into the environment. “This model is based on the nutrients knowledge in the diets and the requirement of each one by the fish. With this model, nutrient flows in a production unit can be understood and the theoretical nutrient discharge in open farms or the load to be removed by RAS systems can be estimated,” said Eduardo Leyton, freshwater technical assistant at Skretting.

Rodrigo Freyhoffer, seawater technical assistant, presented another session, “Physical quality of feed.” Freyhoffer said that “feed care is a practice that has become important in salmon farming, accounting for approximately 50% of production costs. Skretting has been working on this issue for a long time and for this reason we believe it is important to reinforce and remember the main control points.”



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