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Adisseo reinforces its aquaculture business

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Adisseo is a global leader in animal nutrition that offers solutions for precision feeding, animal performance, feed integrity and technology services. Its Business Unit Aquaculture, acquired with Nutriad in 2018, globally leads product development, product management, technical services and sales for a specialized range of feed additives.

The history of this business unit began in the late nineties when Peter Coutteau, currently BU director aquaculture, initiated pioneering research on the development of nutritional and health-promoting concepts for a diversity of aquaculture species. Throughout the incorporation of the aqua team into Nutriad in 2009 and Adisseo in 2018, a specialized portfolio of additives has been developed for aquafeed producers.

Adisseo's ambitions in aquaculture have further empowered the rapid development of the BU. The company continues to expand the global/local aqua teams and increase its presence in key markets for aquaculture in Asia, China, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. Also, the focus on R&D and innovation in aquaculture was reinforced with the recently inaugurated Aquaculture Station by Adisseo (ASA), a RAS test facility at St. Johns Island, Singapore.

These significant investments will enhance Adisseo’s capacity in applied research as well as its leadership position in aquaculture innovation. The recently announced joint venture with Calysta to produce and commercialize a novel single-cell protein illustrates Adisseo's ambition to continuously seek for innovative and added-value solutions for the aquaculture industry.

One ambition: grow customers' business in a sustainable and profitable way

The world is hungry for fish. The demand for fish and shellfish continues to grow as the world population and the mean wage in developing countries increase. Furthermore, consumer trends around the world point out an increased awareness of the health benefits related to consuming seafood. This growing demand has been filled in by aquaculture, which showed a staggering growth during the past three decades. As a result, today over 50% of the seafood we consume is farmed.

Farmed seafood production is expected to remain the fastest animal protein-producing industry in the next decade. Adisseo reinforces its ambition in aquaculture. Aquaculture is a rapidly evolving industry driven by multiple technological developments in the field of disease prevention, nutrition and farming technology. This is an opportunity for aquafeed producers to consolidate their role at the center of the value chain. Adisseo is determined to take the lead on innovation in aquafeed and support the sustainable and profitable growth of its aqua customers.

Two pillars to achieve this ambition: species-specific solutions and specialized services

The first pillar is the development of species-specific solutions. Farmers produce a wide diversity of species of fish and shrimp around the world in different culture systems and climatological conditions. Understanding species-specific challenges and local farming conditions is the starting point for any aquaculture solution at Adisseo. The complete portfolio for aquaculture now covers six different programs: health, digestion, palatability, feed quality, specialty nutrition and farm care.

The second pillar is to support the customer with dedicated aqua experts and optimize the application of a wide range of health and nutritional solutions. In a young industry like aquaculture, many problems do not have a proven solution yet. That is why Adisseo's aqua team works alongside its customers to optimize the application. Two service platforms are available for aquafeed producers and integrated farmers of fish and shrimp:

  • Aqua Nutrition Platform provides services related to optimizing the feed formulation, feed processing, QC/QA of raw materials and finished feed.
  • Aqua Health Platform focuses on optimizing disease prevention programs through the use of in-feed additives and complementary farm care solutions.

“Regional aquaculture specialists are an integral part of our strategy to increase our footprint in the key aquaculture markets around the world. The sustainability of the industry is challenged in all species by disease outbreaks and scarcity of marine ingredients, two areas where Adisseo offers multiple solutions and services,” said Peter Coutteau. “Developing and supplying species-specific solutions for the aqua market is a challenge for a global company like Adisseo, but it has helped us to create a leadership position in the industry that recognizes us for how we convert science into practical solutions. This builds on a deep understanding of the challenges that producers around the world face. At Adisseo, we have a unique combination of technical knowledge across a wide variety of specialty additive platforms to support our developments in aquaculture,” said Francois Pellet, Adisseo’s SBU director specialties.


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