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Liptoaqua's new product based on a nutraceutical approach to reduce negative impact of stress in fish

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Liptoaqua is keeping its commitments to the aquaculture industry and recently unveiled its latest development, VITAL PLUS H.R., to eliminate gaps in handling operations and face stress in aquaculture systems.

“We designed Vital Plus H.R., a nutraceutical product, for fish after stress challenges such as antibiotic treatments, weakness states, seasonal changes in water temperature, vaccination, transport and fish grading,” the company said.

Vital Plus H.R. aims at reducing the negative impact of stress on fish, promoting a faster recovery under intensive production conditions. Vital Plus H.R. has natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties useful to prevent chronic enteritis process due to periods of high feeding rates, sudden changes of temperature, seasonal feeding changes (from winter to spring and summer to autumn). It also incorporates plant extracts with immunomodulatory activity, which helps reduce the risk of opportunistic bacterial diseases.

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