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Botaneco closer to commercializing canola protein after successful salmon trials

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Botaneco has completed its key salmon trials in the development of its new canola protein for aquaculture feed. Tested at the Centre for Aquaculture Technologies in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the canola-based ingredient has a 75% protein content and showed an excellent feed acceptance, salmon growth and weight gain. The product was tested as one of the most effective plant-based proteins for aquaculture, the company said.

The test results are a positive step forward in Canada’s plant-protein ecosystem. Botaneco's ingredient was developed as part of a co-investment project announced by Protein Industries Canada in June 2019. Along with Corteva Agrisciences Canada and Rowland Farms, Botaneco is commercializing novel processing technology that will be used to develop new value-added plant-based ingredients for the food, feed and personal care markets.

“The success of Botaneco's canola-based ingredient for aquaculture feed is representative of the potential of this project as a whole,” Protein Industries Canada CEO, Bill Greuel, said. “The company has found an innovative, effective use for an abundant Canadian-sourced plant protein — a use that will both improve the global aquaculture industry and expand Canada's plant-protein sector.”

As a growing industry needing an additional 2.7 million tons of protein ($3.1 billion by 2025), the aquaculture sector requires new sources of protein to incorporate into feed rations. Canola’s high protein and nutrient levels fill that gap, but the commodity hasn’t been used as an aquaculture feed ingredient due to processing methods. Botaneco’s aqueous-based process addresses this challenge, opening a new, high-value market for Canadian canola.

Testing of the canola protein ingredient began in 2019 with digestibility and growth trials. Salmon responded exceptionally well, showing high feed intake with full consumption and normal behavior at all test levels.

“Salmon aquaculture is a global growth industry and one of its important needs is additional sources of feed protein,” said chief operating officer of Botaneco, David Dzisiak. “Canola brings large scale and has the right nutritional profile for salmon, but could not be used due to the way it has been processed. The results of this trial show that based on fish growth, feed conversion and intake, Botaneco’s canola protein is a nutritious alternative for salmon. It is possibly the most nutritionally advanced canola protein concentrate ever developed.”

The project is a 50-50 investment between Protein Industries Canada and partners Botaneco, Corteva Agrisciences Canada and Rowland Farms. Botaneco anticipates next steps in commercializing the ingredient to begin soon.


Photo source: Botaneco.


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