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AFIA-KSU First-Ever Distance Education Program

AFIA 501 – Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing will begin May 17, 2010, and will last five weeks
April 9, 2010

AFIA-KSU First-Ever Distance Education Program

Would you like to provide training opportunities to your employees so they better understand the processes involved in manufacturing feed? Would you like your employees to better understand how to improve feed quality and processing efficiency? Would you like an effective training tool to improve facility safety and maintenance?

If your answer is “yes,” then register your employees for courses offered through the Distance Education Program sponsored by the American Feed Industry Association and Kansas State University. AFIA and K-State have developed educational programs designed to meet the training needs of feed industry employees and professionals. The benefits of e-learning, new methods of delivery, and mobile learning technologies have proven beneficial in many industries.

The first course being offered is “AFIA 501-Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing.” The course was developed by the Feed Technology Group in K-State’s Department of Grain Science and Industry. It will provide participants with in-depth understanding of feed manufacturing. Even employees with years of experience in the feed industry will find this course valuable.

The course will be offered completely online, saving your company travel expenses and the challenges of being short-handed.

AFIA 501 – Fundamentals of Feed Manufacturing will begin May 17, 2010, and it will last a total of five weeks. Course participants may work at their own paces and engage in online discussions about the material presented. There are no materials that need to be purchased; everything is included with the registration fee.

The course will cost $499 for AFIA members and $685 for non-members. The registration deadline is May 7, 2010. Course size is limited to 50 participants so register early. To register, contact the American Feed Industry Association by clicking here.

If you have questions about the content of the programming, contact AFIA’s Keith Epperson, vice president of manufacturing and training, at, or contact K-State’s Dr. Leland McKinney, who will be the instructor, at