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F3 webinar: Large feed company progress on fish-free feeds

Representatives from the world’s top aquafeed industries will discuss fishmeal and fish oil substitutes for fish farming.

September 12, 2022

F3 (The Future of Fish Feed) is a collaborative effort between NGOs, academic institutions, and private partnerships that will call a panel to discuss progress on fish-free feeds.

The webinar that will commence on September 21 at 10 pm PST, September 22at 5 am GMT, 1 pm Beijing, is meant to review where we need to go post-COVID to buffer supply chain uncertainties.

Panelists from BioMar, Cargill, Nutreco and Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate not only will review the ingredients that are promising for fishmeal and fish oil substitution, but will share how they view the development and adoption of new alternative ingredients as well.

Furthermore, following the panelist presentations, professor Kevin Fitzsimmons from the University of Arizona will moderate a Q&A session.

The event, which is the final of the 2022 webinar series hosted by the F3 Team, is free and open to everyone. For more information, visit

Moderator: Kevin Fitzsimmons, Chair and Judge of the F3 Challenge, Professor and Director of International Programs at The University of Arizona


  • Yuchi Chen, Vice President, Guangdong Evergreen Conglomerate Co., Ltd.
  • Dave Robb, Ph.D., Program Lead, SeaFurther™ Sustainability, Cargill Aqua Nutrition Business, Cargill
  • Jose Villalon, Corporate Sustainability Director, Nutreco
  • Kyla Zatti, Ph.D., Scientist – Nutrition Formulation R&D, BioMar