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Ingredients add to the success of FIAAP Asia 2014 Shows

As sales for FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia 2014 continue to move ahead it is becoming clear that in more than one way it is the ingredients that are adding so much to the growth of our 2014 event

July 3, 2013

Ingredients add to the success of FIAAP Asia 2014 Shows

“As sales for FIAAP, VICTAM and GRAPAS Asia 2014 continue to move ahead it is becoming clear that in more than one way it is the ingredients that are adding so much to the growth of our 2014 event,” Henk van de Bunt, the General Manager of Victam International, a former feed mill owner and now the organizer of the event recently stated. 

He went on to clarify this statement : “A successful animal feed production plant, petfood plant or aquafeed feed plant requires different components, these include qualified and reliable staff, investment, professional management, etc. But you also need additional important ingredients, these are a safe and healthy working environment, well-constructed premises, good processing equipment, reliable and up to date ancillary equipment, a range of feed formulation programs and of course the right and most cost efficient ingredients and additives. In this way you should be able to produce the best possible product for your clients. 

You will find all of the latter at two of our shows that are taking place at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand next year from 8 – 10 April, FIAAP Asia and VICTAM Asia.

Since our sales campaign kicked off in the early part of this year we have seen a significant rise in the number of international companies who have recognized the unique sales opportunity offered to them by holding our feed ingredients exhibitions and conferences (FIAAP) alongside the established feed processing equipment and ancillary system show (VICTAM). This has been especially made clear by the number of companies reserving exhibition stands at FIAAP Asia, our specialist feed ingredient and additive exhibition which is also complimented by a series of technical conferences. These companies include Biomin, DAR PRO Solutions, Dr. Eckel, DSM, Empyreal, Kemin, Lab Inter Co., Novus, Nukamel, Ritan Biotech, Special Nutrients, SPF Diana, and more.”

Asked why there had been such a large increase in the number ingredients companies booking stands, van de Bunt went on to say “There were a number of factors that were driving these bookings. One, I think is, that with the economic situation currently affecting us, that international companies have reduced budgets and so look more carefully how they spend their money. Exhibitions have come under close scrutiny and so our events, where they are specifically profiling the feed industry, are more attractive as they are more cost effective in reaching these companies target audiences. However, it is not just reaching a target audience, it is about getting the right people from within that audience attending. Just on 30% of the 6000+ visitors to the last shows in Bangkok, 2012, were directors, the influential people who make the decisions”. 

“I have just spoken about the high calibre of our visitors, the directors, CEOs and managing directors who regularly come to the event. But why do they come? We believe it is also because of the accompanying show to FIAAP, this is VICTAM. VICTAM is now by far the largest show anywhere in Asia that profiles animal feed processing technology and equipment, as well as, ancillary equipment and systems. You can come to the show and see all you will need to build and equip a brand new large feed mill, it is all there to be discussed and of course bought. Who is it that signs those checks?  The directors. But directors are not only interested in equipment. They are responsible for the production process and the quality of the entire output, so naturally they are also interested on the latest feed ingredient and additive innovations which will be available on the stands of the FIAAP exhibitors. This is why we find our visitors often stay all three days at the show because there is so much for them to experience.

We conduct our own visitor survey after each exhibition. The survey of our 2012 shows showed that over 70% of all the visitors were interested in ingredients and additives. These are not just visitors from Thailand, they come from all over South and South East Asia. When you have this amount of interest in ingredients and additives then the suppliers know that exhibiting is an easy way of reaching this market.”

The shows are collocated with another show organized by Victam. This is a rice and flour milling and grain processing exhibition, GRAPAS Asia 2014. FIAAP/ VICTAM/GRAPAS Asia 2014 will be open from 8 – 10 April 2014 and will take place in BITEC in Bangkok. 

For more information about this comprehensive event for the feed industry visit the organizer’s websites: -

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