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New Conference Brochure for AQUACULTURE 2013

The World Aquaculture Society has published a new Conference Brochure for Aquaculture 2013 - one of the largest aquaculture tradeshows in the world

December 5, 2012

Aquaculture 2013 will be held February 21-25, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee.  This is the triennial meeting of the Fish Culture Section, American Fisheries Society, World Aquaculture Society and National Shellfisheries Association.  

Also holding their Annual Meetings at Aquaculture 2013 are the National Aquaculture Association, U.S. Aquaculture Society and the Aquaculture Suppliers Association, American Tilapia Association, Striped Bass Growers Association, U.S. Trout Farmers Association, Zebrafish Husbandry Association, Aquacultural Engineering Society, International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management.

Aquaculture 2013 will have 15 concurrent sessions for four days covering all aspects of aquaculture.  In addition, there will be many workshops and meetings happening in Nashville.  

For the first time in the Americas, will hold a workshop: Practical Developments in Aquafeeds  -  feed advances to boost profitability. This new conference will be dedicated to feed developments with practical application to the commercial sector. Registration is free to all delegates and trade show visitors at Aquaculture 2013, but pre-registration is required. Visit for more information and to register. It will take place February 23, 2013. 

This will also be one of the largest aquaculture tradeshows in the world.  Combine that with all of the social functions and the limitless entertainment possibilities in Nashville and there is no way you should miss this event.

Aquaculture 2013 Sessions by Day:

Friday, February 22

Feeds and Feeding for Sustainable Hatchery Production

Student Spotlight


Integrating Molecular and Cellular Approaches to the Improvement of Aquaculture Species

Algae: Macro and Micro

Down on the Farm: Improving Shellfish Aquaculture Production


Meeting Production Goals with Limited Resources

Shrimp Nutrition


Open Ocean Aquaculture

IMTA / Integrated Aquaculture


Innovations in Secondary and Postsecondary Aquaculture Teaching, Tools and Programs for the Next Generation Workforce

Finfish Disease

Future of Aquaculture Development

Lipids in Aquaculture Nutrition and Physiololgy

Shrimp Genetics & Breeding

Paddlefish in Aquaculture: Current and Future Directions 

Sustainable Shellfish Aquaculture in Developing Countries

Functional Aquafeed Ingredients - Prebiotics, Probiotics, and Nutriceuticals

Aquaculture Without Frontiers

Advances in Pond Fertilization and Liming

Federal Town Hall

Saturday, February 23

Shrimp Nutrition Continued

Seafood Cards - Have They Impacted the Aquaculture Industry?

Aquaculture Drug Research and Drug Approval Status

Spanish Marine Aquaculture: Increasing Knowledge Through Experience

Working Waterfronts Special Session

Role of Environmental Variability in Aquaculture Ecosystem Models 

Organic Aquaculture

Non-Traditional Aquaculture Continued 

Stock Enhancement 

Int\\\'l Marine Shrimp Environ. Genomics Initiative (IMSEGI)

Finfish Nutrition

Physiological Insights Towards Improving Fish Culture III

Zebrafish Continued


Shellfish Genetics


Effluent Waste Management Strategies


History of Aquaculture


Finfish Genetics 


Undesirable Flavor in Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Sunday, February 24

Shellfish Nutrition

Shrimp Production

Conservation/Restoration Aquaculture Shellfish


Funding Follows Extension ‚Äď Getting Extra Mileage ¬†Out of Your Research

Non-Traditional Aquaculture Continued 

Aquaculture 101

USTFA Industry Forum

Aquaculture Engineering 

Finfish Nutrition Continued 

Genetically Engineered Fish and Shellfish

Shellfish Disease and Climate Change

Physiological Insights Towards Improving Fish Culture III Continued

Advancing Aquatic Veterinary Medicine 

History of Aquaculture Continued 

Contaminants and Shellfish

Aquaculture Means Business

Conservation/Restoration Aquaculture Fish


Indoor Intensive Shrimp Production - Lessons Learned Through the USMSFP and Beyond 

Sea Lice

Economics and Marketing

SBGA Industry Forum 

Applications of Biotechnology in Aquacultural Systems 

Freshwater Mussels


Marine Aquaculture CoP ‚Äď Benefits and Applications

Monday, February 25




Physiological Insights Towards Improving Fish Culture III Continued 

Tips for the Young Aquaculture Professional 

Engineered Aquaponics 

Shrimp Health & Disease 

Conservation/Restoration Activities for Finfish from a West Coast Perspective 

Clams and Geoducks


Marine Fish

Catfish and Catfish Hybrids

Advancing Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Continued 

Challenges of Inland Aquaculture in Temperate Regions - Case Studies

Economics and Marketing Continued 

Live Feed Production-Current State of the Art

Larval Finfish

GILLS - Global Initiative for Life & Leadership

General Shellfish Contributed 

Extension/Technology Transfer

Socio-economic Considerations in Rural and 

       Small Scale Aquaculture Contributed


Dentirification and Other Ways to Manage Nitrate

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Download the new brochure from the link below (PDF).


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