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Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Expo 2008 - Portland, Maine, USA

Call for Papers, Posters and Technology Transfer Sessions
September 11, 2008

Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Expo 2008
Call for Papers, Posters and Technology Transfer Sessions

ABSTRACTS DUE: September 15, 2008

NACE 2008 will be held December 3-5, 2008, at the Eastland Park Hotel in Portland, Maine. We anticipate a rewarding and informative conference and trade show, and are pleased to announce a Call for Papers, Posters and Technology Transfer sessions.

The Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Expo will include all aspects of aquaculture relevant to the Northeast US: freshwater and marine, shellfish, finfish, crustaceans, live feeds, ornamentals and plants. Discussions of both food- and non-food products and processes are welcomed. Submissions should be relevant to the region, and preference will be given to suggestions viewed as most applicable to industry, as judged by the NACE Program Committee and NACE Panel of Industry Advisors.

NACE 2008 encourages the submission of high quality oral, poster and technology transfer presentations. Each title submission must be accompanied by an abstract. Papers not chosen for oral presentation will be given the opportunity for poster presentation, given available space, on a first-come basis. Submissions are encouraged on, but not limited to, the following proposed special sessions:

  • Historical and contemporary production of European oysters in the northeastern US
  • Marine ornamental fish aquaculture
  • Development of energy efficient aquaculture systems
  •  Blue mussel production in the northeastern US
  • Freshwater aquaculture production
  • Feasibility and status of off-shore aquaculture production in the northeastern US
  • Recirculating aquaculture systems
  • Latest developments in fish health regulations
  • Industry/Regulator interactions
  • Developments in shellfish farming practices
  • NGOs and dealing with conflict resolution and public trust issues
  • Recent improvements in facility discharges
  • Organic standards as they relate to aquaculture products
  • Developments in oral vaccines and treatments for disease control
  • Business plans and funding for aquaculture development
  • Status, advances, and constraints in Atlantic cod and halibut culture
  • Selective breeding of cold water marine species
  • Multi-trophic aquaculture production in the Gulf of Maine
  • Marketing of aquaculture products in the northeastern US

Guidelines for submitting an abstract can be found at the Northeast Aquaculture Conference and Expo 2008 website.

Session Types:
Single blocks of 100-minute duration may be chosen, and will occur in the am and pm sessions on both Thursday, Dec. 4th and Friday, December 5th. Half-day sessions may be utilized, which will be constituted by two single blocks focusing on a focused topic. Full-day sessions may be requested, and possibilities for 2-day sessions exist. Please note that the availability of Full and 2-day sessions (Symposia) will be limited due to space. Technology transfer sessions are of 1-hour duration, and will complement the trade show in mid-day, both days of the conference. Hands-on approaches are strongly supported for tech transfer sessions, and accommodations for bulky, wet or otherwise difficult presentations can be made, by prior specific arrangement.