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Quality marks FIAAP, VICTAM & GRAPAS Asia 2012; 2014 dates announced

The organizers of FIAAP, VICTAM & GRAPAS Asia 2012 have issued their post-show report, showing increased visitors and exhibitor numbers and satisfaction with the event
April 19, 2012

FIAAP, VICTAM & GRAPAS Asia 2012 were held for the first time at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC), Bangkok, Thailand, February 15 - 17, 2012. This was the nineth time the event had been held in Bangkok, but the first time at BITEC. The exhibitions were held within Halls 103 and 104 of BITEC. There were 166 exhibitors from 29 different countries.

Exhibitors were pleased with the general organization of the event, with ta survey showing even higher scores than for the 2010 show.

Over the three days of the exhibition there were 6198 visitors to the shows; an increase of 10% on the 2010 event, and over 550 delegates attended the conferences. The visitors came from 73 countries. These figures have been independently audited by an UFI approved auditor appointed by TCEB (Thai Convention & Exhibition Bureau).

- Over one third of the visitors were CEOs, director or operational director.

- 95% of the visitors intend to visit the shows again in 2014.

- 48% of the visitors were interested in GRAPAS exhibitors.

- 52% of the visitors were interested in FIAAP, looking for feed ingredients and additives.

Once again QUALITY was the word being used to describe the entire event. The visitors described the exhibits as high quality, the exhibitors said the same for the visitors and delegates also confirmed the quality of the conferences.

Over one third of all visitors to the exhibitions were of director level, again demonstrating the high level of the quality and status of the visitors. Many had travelled from all over South & South East Asia. In fact there were visitors from 73 countries.

The exhibitions now colocated with the VICTAM show also proved popular. The GRAPAS show, grain processing, rice and flour milling, brought in new visitors and almost 48% of all the visitors were interested in the GRAPAS exhibitors. The feed ingredients and additives exhibition ¡V FIAAP, attracted a lot of interest. 52% of the visitors were interested in this exhibition. A number of these visitors commented that they would like to see more ingredient and additive suppliers at the 2014 exhibition.

The exhibitions, which were 40% larger in area and had more exhibitors than the last shows in 2010, provided the perfect platform to launch new products and services to the market.

Almost 30 new products were on show. Some of these were awarded the highly coveted Innovations Awards. The winners are as follows:

- The FIAAP Animal Nutrition Award: Dr. Eckel GMBH

- The Aquafeed Innovation Award: Wenger Manufacturing Inc.

- The 2012 GRAPAS Award for Milling: FOSS

The exhibitions were supported by a number of technical conferences:

- Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2012

- GRAPAS Asia 2012

- Petfood Forum Asia 2012

- FIAAP Asia 2012

- Pellets Update Asia 2012

- The Thai Feed Conference 2012

Victam International B.V. does not organize these conferences; they are organized by independent specialist organizations. 

In addition to Aquafeed Horizons, the FIAAP Asia Conference is organized by, through its conference arm, Linx Conferences. A survey of the delegates showed:

- All the speakers scored good to excellent and the delegates also said they would attend a similar conference in the future.

- 75% said the conference met their expectations (25% neutral).

- 82% said they gained information they could apply to their businesses, the remainder were neutral except for one who didn't agree.

Next show

Victam International B.V. has tentatively reserved Halls 103 and 104 again at BITEC for the 2014 event. Unfortunately the exhibition halls were not available in February or March 2014 so for just that year the exhibitions and conferences will be held in April. This will enable the event to avoid Chinese New Year and local public holidays. In 2016 the event will return in February/early March.

The dates for 2014 are as follows:


- Saturday 5 April

- Sunday 6 April

- Monday 7 April

Show days:

- Tuesday 8 April

- Wednesday 9 April

- Thursday 10 April


- Friday 11 April

For the future Asian events Victam International B.V. will undertake additional promotional and marketing programs, including greater co-operation with relevant and related associations within South and South East Asia and individual visits to each major country within the region, meeting with associations, government departments and agencies, major companies, travel agents. Victam News will be renamed and redesigned to reflect the broader industry profile of the events, there will be greater co-operation with TCEB (Thai Convention & Exhibition Bureau) and use of professional social media portals. 

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