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Surviving Turbulent Times Focus of Alltech's 23rd European Lecture Tour

The global animal health and nutrition company’s annual tour, which begins on the 2nd February in Cork, Ireland, will visit 32 locations across Europe and Northern Africa

January 8, 2009

Surviving Turbulent Times Focus of Alltech’s 23rd European Lecture Tour

As concerns over safety in the agri-food chain continue to mount globally, Alltech has announced that its 2009 European Lecture Tour will address the umbrella theme of ‚ÄúSurviving Turbulence: Turning Crisis into Opportunity‚ÄĚ. The global animal health and nutrition company‚Äôs annual tour, which begins on the 2nd February in Cork, Ireland, will visit 32 locations across Europe and Northern Africa before concluding in Casablanca, Morocco on the 20th February.

‚ÄúWe live in a world of crisis - from financial market instability to feed and food safety scares. Recent volatility and inconsistency in the agri-feed industry has lead to global unease. During the course of this, our 23rd, European Lecture Tour, I look forward to sharing and discussing ways in which our industry can emerge stronger from these turbulent times and turn current crises into opportunities‚ÄĚ, said Alltech‚Äôs Founder and President, Dr. Pearse Lyons.

Dr. Jules Taylor-Pickard, Global Mycosorb Manager, Alltech, and Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris, Coordinator of Glycomics Research, Alltech, will discuss the new challenges posed by mycotoxins and look at moving towards a quantifiable solution. It is estimated that over 25% of the world's grains are contaminated by mycotoxins and as such these compounds pose a serious threat to animal health and performance.

‚ÄėThe Nutrigenomics basis of antioxidants‚Äô will be the subject of the presentation given by Dr. Peter Surai, Head of Antioxidant Research, Alltech, and Dr. Richard Murphy, European Research Coordinator, Alltech. Here, Dr. Surai and Dr. Murphy will provide new insights into improving animal performance by studying the effect of nutrition on gene expression.

For 22 years, Alltech’s annual European Lecture Tour (ELT) has served as a platform to present cutting edge research and to addresses topical industry issues. For further information, log on to

Dates and locations for the 2009 European Lecture Tour are as follows:

2nd February:     Cork, Ireland
                        Naas, Ireland
                        Belfast, Northern Ireland

3rd February:     Manchester, England
                        Rennes, France

4th February:     S-Martens-Latem, Belgium
                        Munster, Germany

5th February:     Utrecht, Netherlands
                        Billund, Denmark

6th February:     Bergen, Norway
                        Helsinki, Finland

7th February:     Tartu, Estonia

9th February:     Saint Petersburg, Russia
                        Riga, Latvia

10th February:    Vilnius, Lithuania
                        Warsaw, Poland

11th February:    Kiev, Ukraine
                        Bucharest, Romania

12th February:    Izmir, Turkey
                        Thessaloniki, Greece

13th February:    Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
                        Belgrade, Serbia
14th February:    Banja Luka, Bosnia

16th February:    Budapest, Hungary
                        Nitra, Slovakia

17th February:    Brno, Czech Republic
                        Zagreb, Croatia

18th February:    Modena, Italy
                        Augsburg, Germany

19th February:    Barcelona, Spain
                        Lisbon, Portugal

20th February:    Casablanca, Morocco


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