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World's largest dedicated feed show moves to Germany

Victam International, feed ingredient trade show, FIAAP International, grain processing show, GRAPAS and supporting conferences will open for the very first time in Cologne, Germany in May 2011

May 26, 2010

World’s largest dedicated feed show moves to Germany
Victam International and its collocated sister feed ingredient trade show, FIAAP International, will open for the very first time in Cologne, Germany in May 2011.
Victam, the world’s largest event for animal feed processing technology, has always been held in The Netherlands but the organizers, with the support of the majority of the industry, has decided that Cologne would be a more suitable venue for such a prestigious international event.
Already over one third of the floor space has been reserved by just 11 companies, and this is in a hall larger than the total area of the last Victam show in Utrecht.
What will visitors see when they visit Cologne? Visitors will find a very modern state of the art venue. The exhibition halls are fully air conditioned, and they have excellent facilities for visitors, exhibitors and conference delegates. An impressive autobahn system links directly to Cologne and the exhibition centre where there are large parking facilities. The international airport is served by many direct flights from all over the world and the Kőln Messe (Cologne Exhibition Centre) has its own railway station on the direct railway line from the airport  to the impressive city centre and downtown hotels.
What will visitors see when they visit the exhibition halls? Visitors will find a large and varied number of exhibitors from all over the world. On the Victam stands there will be displays of the latest technology and systems used in the manufacture and processing of animal feeds, aquafeed and dry petfood. 
Feed Ingredients
Victam 2011will be joined by a new exhibition and series of conferences on animal feed ingredients, additives and formulation. This show is FIAAP INTERNATIONAL 2011.
FIAAP was successfully introduced with Victam’s Asian events in Thailand and its introduction alongside Victam International at the show in Cologne is a natural progression for this event.
With the collocation of FIAAP alongside Victam, senior trade executives will be able to find in one event all that is necessary for the production of safe, nutritious and cost effective feeds for animals, fish and pets.
Besides meeting international companies who manufacture and supply the specialist ingredients and additives that are so essential in the manufacture of safe, nutritious and cost effective feeds there will also be exhibitors displaying the latest formulation programs and designs.
The FIAAP Conference
An integral part of FIAAP 2011 will be the FIAAP Conference, to be held May 4, 2010. The European feed sector is increasingly subject to the political, economic and social forces that are shaping food and agriculture, such as raw material availability and price, environmental impact of both manufacturing and livestock production and consumer safety.    Careful ingredient selection and formulation and the skilful application of appropriate feed additives have never been more crucial for meeting the primary objectives of feed production: food and feed safety, nutritional excellence, and of course, profitability.
The FIAAP Conference 2011 will provide insight into market direction, innovative solutions for optimizing available raw materials, functional ingredients for animal health, environmental impact and the manipulation of finished animal products, and feed additives for physical quality and food chain safety.  Visit   for more information and to express your interest in presenting a paper, sponsoring this conference or being notified when registration will start.
If you are a feed formulator, veterinarian, buyer or nutritionist from a feed compounder/miller, an integrator, large farmer, co-operative, fish farmer, hatchery, petfood manufacturer then Koeln Messe (Cologne Exhibition Centre) will the place you should from May 3-5 next year.
Aquafeed Horizons
Aquafeed continues to be the most dynamic and exciting sector of the feed industry. Characterized by rapid growth and development, it is continually evolving to meet the demands of new species and farm production systems. Unlike terrestrial animals, nutritional requirements for many of the growing and hugely diverse range of aquatic species farmed are still unknown. Add to that the physical demands of feed for differing aquatic environments, feeding habits, and sizes and the complexity becomes clear. Aquafeed manufacturers must also rise to the challenges of environmental responsibility, production efficiency and profitability. will once again hold Aquafeed Horizons, during Victam International. This important, to be held May 3, 2011, will arm delegates with the latest processing and formulation information to meet head on the challenges facing this sector and succeed. Visit   for more information and to express your interest in presenting a paper, sponsoring this conference or being notified when registration will start.
Grain Processing
Visitors will also find exhibitors specialising in ancillary equipment - silos, conveyors, QC, computers, elevators, formulation programs, magnetic, bags and bagging systems, etc. This equipment is used in a number of different industry sectors, one of which will also be represented at the event. This is the grain processing industry.
A new trade show and conference will be introduced in Cologne:  GRAPAS International. GRAPAS will show displays of equipment and ingredients used within flour milling, industrial pasta production, breakfast cereal and extruded savoury snack processing as well as grain processing, preservation, storage and transportation. The trade show will also have its own technical conference.
The GRAPAS Conference will be an important component of GRAPAS 2011. Millers and grain processors from across Europe and beyond will come together to learn about the latest developments in flour milling, grain processing, grain and finished product storage and handling solutions. As in all sectors of the food chain, safety and hygiene are paramount and will be a strong theme in the meeting.  Topics will embrace food safety, processing efficiency, handling and storage advances, raw materials, grain treatments, market trends and more.  Visit   for more information and to express your interest in presenting a paper, sponsoring this conference or being notified when registration will start.
Additional technical conferences and seminars organized during the event will include:
The Victam Feed Processing Conference
Petfood Forum Europe 2011
Biomass Conference
For further information on these conferences and exhibitions please visit: or e-mail: