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XXV FEFAC Congress - June 9-11, 2010, Hamburg, Germany

Sustainable competitiveness of the EU livestock and feed sector theme for European feed industry congress
March 18, 2010

XXV FEFAC Congress - June 9-11, 2010, Hamburg, Germany

Sustainability is everybody’s favorite – and a challenge for the EU feed and food chain stakeholders and market partners. Moreover, it is a key issue in the political debate: The EU Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS) sets up a framework for a long-term vision taking account of environmental protection, economic prosperity, social cohesion and global responsibility. The EU livestock and feed sector is fully committed to contribute to this agenda in participating in different initiatives, such as the EU Food Chain Round Table on Sustainable Consumption and Production and the Global Round Table on Responsible Soy.

The XXV FEFAC Congress on “Sustainable competitiveness of the EU livestock and the feed industry” to be held on June 9-11, 2010 in Hamburg, addresses these issues and initiatives by providing a platform for dialogue between political decision-makers and feed and food chain partners. The Congress program deals with the economic analysis of the sector, points out market and political demands for applying verifiable environmental and social criteria and highlights the political framework and feed & food industry strategies. Maintaining economic sustainability is an essential prerequisite in this respect.

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FEFAC President, Pedro Corrêa de Barros, and DVT President, Helmut Wulf invite member companies and sector organizations to participate. FEFAC and DVT are looking forward to welcoming all delegates in Hamburg.