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Gigante Salmon to begin production in 2023

The company plans to start the production of salmon in September with Skretting as feed partner.

February 16, 2023

Norwegian land-based salmon farmer, Gigante Salmon, plans to begin production in September 2023. The construction of the facility in Lille Indre Rosøy has proceeded according to the company’s plan.

“Our plans call for only production basin 3 to be ready when the facility comes online this autumn. Excavation of production basins 1 and 2 are due to be completed by this time, as will much of the facility’s infrastructure (fleet, sludge plant, etc.). Establishing one production basin first will help us make technological choices and be aware of their associated costs in advance of completion of the remaining production basins in the summer of 2024,” Helge E. W. Albertsen, Gigante Salmon CEO, said.

“Our first smolt to be released in September 2023 is now in production at our contractual partner for smolt, Grytåga Settefisk AS, and Gigante Salmon Rødøy has ordered 1.1 million smolt from this batch,” Albertsen said.

The company recently partnered with Skretting for feed supply and technical support.