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Manolin unveils AI-driven platforms for proactive decisions and enhanced performance

Farmers and aquaculture suppliers can now make proactive decisions, optimize performance, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of aquaculture.

How Manolin Works
August 2, 2023

Aquaculture data intelligence company, Manolin, unveiled its platforms, Watershed and Harpoon, that provide fish farms and aquaculture suppliers with AI-driven data intelligence to make faster, more accurate, and proactive decisions for sustainable growth and enhanced performance.

Proactive fish health management

Watershed is a platform designed to empower aquaculture fish farms with proactive, real-time fish health management across all their farm sites. By utilizing predictive analytics, Watershed saves farmers the hassle of identifying potential issues, keeping them constantly aware of risks to their farms. With this vital information at their fingertips, farmers can devote more time to forecasting metrics and benchmarking their performance, gaining invaluable insights into their operations. Watershed's benchmarking capabilities allow farms to identify precisely what strategies work best for their farm and why, enabling strategic growth with unparalleled efficiency.

“Manolin’s data intelligence platform has been instrumental in overcoming common barriers such as reporting and insights. It enables us to unlock the full potential of our farm data, providing real-time visibility and empowering us to make data-driven decisions with confidence,” stated Håvard Olsen, CEO of Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett.

The Watershed platform offers two tiers; the free Researcher tier, designed to help farms streamline data for research purposes, and the paid Explorer tier, which provides comprehensive farm site visualization, benchmarking, and live alerts on production issues.

“With Watershed, we are empowering fish farmers to grow smarter and faster,” stated Tony Chen, CEO of Manolin. “The Researcher tier expedites data analysis for research purposes, while the Explorer tier takes farm site visualization and benchmarking to the next level. Farmers can now have real-time alerts, forecasts, and critical insights at their fingertips, all in one centralized platform. Watershed opens up new possibilities for proactive management and sustainable growth in aquaculture."

Empowering aquaculture suppliers

Harpoon is the platform that revolutionizes product research and market positioning for aquaculture suppliers. By enabling benchmarking against industry standards, Harpoon empowers companies to set realistic goals, optimize features, and refine marketing strategies. Through comprehensive analysis and understanding of success variables, aquaculture suppliers can enhance usability, increase retention, and create products that resonate with their farm customers. Harpoon's research platform streamlines in-field testing, identifies pain points, and nurtures customer relationships, positioning suppliers as trusted partners in the aquaculture journey.

“Harpoon is a transformative platform that empowers aquaculture suppliers to reach new heights in product research and market understanding,” said John Costantino, CTO of Manolin. “With Harpoon, companies can now benchmark their products against industry standards, set realistic goals, and optimize features for enhanced market positioning. This level of data intelligence provides invaluable insights that nurture customer relationships and establishes our clients as leaders in the aquaculture industry. We are excited to witness the positive impact Harpoon will have on our client's growth and success.”

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