2005 will end Norway's salmon feed quota system

Market regulation through feed quotas will be discontinued with effect January 1, 2005
September 24, 2003

The Norwegian Coalition government is to discontinue its system of  controlling the salmon market through aquafeed quotas after 2004.

The quota system is a hang-over from the mid-90s when Norway dominated salmon production and used the system to regulate supply and demand. Now that Norway's share of the salmon sector has been reduced to less than 50%, the government is to allow world market forces to prevail. Fisheries Minister Svein Ludvigsen has yet to announce the government's plans for an alternative means to control concessions as quotas are phased out.

The feed quota for 2004 will be reduced and rigidly set at 852 tonnes per concession and quotas must be used in that year: Concession holders will not be able to carry over quotas from this year or bring 2004 quota forward for use in the remainder of 2003.