Abstract deadline approaching for Aquaculture Europe

Aquaculture Europe 2008 - Resources management, will be held September 15-18, 2008, in Krakow, Poland. Submission of high quality oral and poster presentations is invited. The deadline for submission is fast approaching
January 16, 2008

Abstract deadline approaching for Aquaculture Europe

Aquaculture Europe 2008 - Resources management, will be held September 15-18, 2008, in Krakow, Poland. Submission of high quality oral and poster presentations is invited. The deadline for submission is fast approaching. You can find guidelines and submit your abstract directly online.

The event will include an aquaculture conference, an industry forum and an exhibition, organised by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and hosted by Polskie Towarzystwo Rybackie (the Polish Fisheries Association) and will take
place in Krakow, Poland, from September 15-18, 2008.
The conference theme "Resource management" addresses the natural, human and material resources for the sustainable development of aquaculture. The Water Framework Directive (2000/60/E) is the most substantial piece of water legislation ever produced by the European Commission. It requires that all inland and coastal waters within defined river basin districts must reach at least good status by 2015 and defines how this should be achieved through the establishment of environmental objectives and ecological targets for surface waters. This will be just one focus of AE2008.

The thematic sessions will take place each morning. International speakers will present these thematic sessions, that open the debate and pave the way for the parallel, technical sessions of contributed presentations.

Thematic plenary sessions will address:
- Sustainable aquaculture.for how long, for whom, for how much?
- Managing our natural resources;
- Our traditional species heritage and our ongoing domestication of others;
- Closing the cycle and guaranteeing stable supplies;
- Economic and social aspects of European aquaculture what is acceptable, and
what is healthy?

Parallell sessions will  focus on:
PS01: Technologies for more efficient water management;

PS02: Multifunctional use of ponds in aquaculture and conservation of aquatic resources;

PS03: Diversification and domestication, including the current status of domestication of fish species for human consumption, production of stocking material of game fish and of endangered species for restocking purposes;

PS04: European eel conservation and culture, including all aspects of eel reproduction and breeding, eel biology, eel fisheries management and conservation initiatives;

PS05: Tuna culture reproduction, larval rearing and intensification of production;

PS06: Perch (and related species) culture in Europe and in other countries;

PS07: Contributions in morphology, embryology and histology to aquaculture development;

PS08: Sperm physiology and methods of improvements in sperm biotechnology;

PS09: REPROFISH- Review of the results on FP 6 EU project dealing with fish reproduction. This session is not open for abstract submission;

PS10: Basic and applied aspects of aquaculture nutrition healthy fish for healthy consumers, including knowledge of nutritional requirements, new feed resources and technological challenges, consumer health;

PS11: Health management;

PS12: Viral diseases of cyprinids;

PS13: Welfare, including physiological and behavioural indicators of welfare, management protocols that promote fish welfare, predation management;

PS14: Processing, marketing, quality and safety, including assessment of quality, contaminants, post-harvest resources, packaging material and water use, marketing initiatives, certification, traceability;

PS15: Human resources, including undergraduate and graduate education and harmonisation, socio-economic studies, training and training tools, validation of experience;

PS16: Other contributions, that submitting author(s) feel do not belong in the sessions already listed, are welcomed. The Program Co-chairs will consider additional sessions to accommodate them;

PS17: Sturgeon culture.

The industry forum will include an industry day or farmers day, workshops for industry and the Aquaculture Europe 2008 student forum. As always, various social events will be a part of the Aquaculture Europe meeting.

Full brochure on this upcoming event, registration and submission details

Aquaculture Europe 2009 will be held in Trondheim, Norway, August 14-17, 2009

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Aquaculture Europe 2009: August 14-17, 2009, Trondheim, Norway