Abstracts invited for Sustainable Seafood Campaign meeting

World Ocean Network to hold preliminary meeting Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands for the Global Coordination for the Sustainable Seafood Campaign, invites input
November 19, 2005

After two years of research, the World Ocean Network will hold a meeting to share results of effort of global coordination for the Sustainable Seafood Campaign. During the meeting, representatives of each of the world’s eight regions will make a report on their regional findings as well as determine future projects impacting our world’s fisheries.  Interested parties are invited to submit abstracts.


The Preliminary Meeting for the Global Coordination for the Sustainable Seafood Campaign

Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands will take place on Monday, January 23, 2006, from

2:00PM-4:00PM at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.



-Promote sustainable fisheries by reducing bycatch, rotating seasons or areas of fish harvesting, and altering fish catch methods for optimal long-term conservation

-Change buying behaviors of consumers towards better seafood choices, directly influencing the seafood industry's policies

-Impact the chain of custody (from the fisherman all the way to the consumer) by influencing and encouraging policymakers to foster change in laws towards greater sustainability

-Contribute to and distribute fish relative to size and species recommendations

-Participate in Regional meetings promoting sustainable fisheries

-Encourage expert testimony for regional fisheries issues

-Discuss exhibits on sustainable seafood

-Demonstrate how to include seafood and fisheries information on web site

-Brainstorm about ways to show documentaries promoting sustainability

-Distribute Seafood Cards to the public

-Promote showing the Sustainable Seafood Campaign Cartoon

-Discuss ways to create regional Seafood Celebrations

-Join organizations which disseminate Sustainable Seafood information

-Engage in "FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries"







Vision Statement: To create a wider awareness of the fragile state of the ocean ecosystems and what actions can bring about a positive conservation change.


Mission Statement: The mission of the Sustainable Seafood Campaign is to educate consumers and children (as influencers) on the issues associated with commercial fisheries and aquaculture and empower them with actions they can take in the market place and/or restaurant.



- To promote sustainable use of marine/freshwater resources

- To promote responsible aquaculture: any fish consumed affects an ecosystem

- To encourage and empower consumers to be able to make sustainable choices when buying seafood

- To encourage the use of other products and services that support positive environmental changes


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