Action group appoints itself watchdog over U.K. fish labeling laws

The Salmon Farm Protest Group calls for its members to check that supermarkets comply with new labeling laws
April 1, 2003

As of 28 March supermarkets in Scotland, England and Wales must differentiate between 'farm' salmon and 'wild' salmon and to clearly identify the country of origin of the product on their labels. And Bruce Sandison, Salmon Farm Protest Group Chairman said his organization is going to be making sure they comply.

"We have a right to know exactly what it is that we are eating. Supermarkets and others who sell salmon products have a legal and moral obligation to tell us the whole truth about what they ask us to buy. Let's make sure that they do so."

The Salmon Farm Protest Group has today called upon its supporters to check supermarket shelves and fish counters over the Easter period to note how salmon products are labeled. Supporters are being asked to send details of improper labeling to The Salmon Farm Protest Group in Scotland, along with the product wrapping, date and place of purchase and a purchase receipt to make it easier for the Group to take action against the supermarket concerned.