Aller Aqua appoints group R&D director

Jesper Clausen has recently joined the group as R&D director.

Jesper Clausen
April 21, 2024

Jesper Clausen was named Aller Aqua's group R&D director.

"With a background of more than 22 years in the aquaculture industry, including a PhD in aquaculture and food safety, Clausen brings invaluable experience to the Aller Aqua team. Jesper held the Global Nutrition and Technical Support Director role before joining us, highlighting his expertise and leadership in the field," the company said.

Clausen will spearhead the company's research and development initiatives for feed and technical solutions for aquaculture. His dedication and experience in the industry seamlessly integrate research findings with practical applications, ensuring innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers.

"Jesper's vision for a holistic approach to aqua nutrition, ensuring profitable production and a sustainable aquaculture way of thinking, perfectly complements our commitment to knowledge-sharing and fostering best practices within the aquaculture community," the company said.