Aller Aqua opens its 7th Serbian feed plant

The facility will focus on the carp feed market and ensure a strategic position for the company in the Balkans.

Aller Aqua opens its 7th Serbian feed plant
December 19, 2019

Strategically situated in Secanj, Serbia, close to the Romanian border, Aller Aqua opened its 7th Serbian feed plant. The new facility, led by Petar Pejčić and Dimitrije Matic and supported by Aller Aqua’s head office, will focus on the carp feed market.

Hans Erik Bylling, CEO and owner of Aller Aqua, said that “Aller Aqua has been present in the Balkans for a long time and we wanted to dedicate more resources to the area. Then, we had the opportunity to include Petar and Dimitrije in Aller Aqua, shortly after we found the factory. The plan really fell into place. We are in a rapid growth phase and we are pleased to include the Balkans and specifically Serbia in this growth. We see a lot of potential here.”

Aller Aqua produce feed for more than 30 different species of fish, and carp is one of their core species. Carp production in Serbia accounts for approximately 85% of the country’s total aquaculture production and this is where Aller Aqua will focus their efforts.

Petar Pejčić, executive director for Aller Aqua Balkan, said that “we have moved very fast since joining Aller Aqua. I am very proud to be in charge of Aller Aqua Balkan and look forward to selling even more quality carp feed to our customers in Serbia. One day, we hope to start export to other markets, but first we need to ensure a solid foundation locally.”

The facility is running but will host an official inauguration in spring. The company has additional plans to expand the premixes market since an export license was secured for CEFTA and EU countries.