Aqua farmers arrested for feeding chicken waste to fish

Two aqua farmers in Vijayawada, India, have been arrested after collecting waste from chicken shops and serving it as feed to their fish.
December 2, 2015

Task Force police raided aqua farms at Vijayawada, India, following a tip-off that farmers were using chicken waste to feed the fish in their ponds. A large quantity of chicken waste was seized.

The farmers had been collecting waste from several chicken shops located in the city and found that it sped up growth of the fish.

The seized chicken waste was destroyed and Fisheries Department officials were informed.

Fisheries Assistant Director P Jaya Rao admitted that farmers are polluting water and the environment by using chicken waste as feed for fish. “Dumping of non-vegetarian waste in the fish pond will cause diseases to farmers,” he said.

According to Prasada Rao of Bantumilli, who is also a farmer, the cost of one bag of feed is about Rs 1,500 (USD 22.5) and small aqua farmers are not in a position to meet the high cost of the feed.

“We request the State government to extend the subsidy on aqua feed,” he said.

Source: The Hindu. Read the full article here.