Aquaculture Leaders Gather to Discuss Natural Solutions for the Industry

Aquaculture nutritionists and industry heads joined forces at Alltech’s 2nd European Aquaculture Meeting to address ways to apply new feed solutions to address the most pressing issues facing fish farming globally.
December 24, 2004

Speakers  and international delegates at Alltech's European Aquaculture Meeting, Dunboyne Ireland.

Aquaculture nutritionists and industry heads joined forces to address ways to apply new feed solutions to address the most pressing issues facing fish farming  globally.  Alltech’s  2nd European Aquaculture  Meeting, held at the company's Bioscience Centre in Ireland on
Tuesday November 30,  2004,  attracted  33  delegates from Europe’s top aquaculture companies.

Aidan  Connolly, Alltech’s Vice President for Europe opened the meeting and guest speakers included:

·     Dr. Birger Svihus, of the University of Norway, who spoke on nutritional and processing challenges when replacing fish meal by vegetable and microbial protein sources in fish feed.
·     Dr. Peter Spring, Research Coordinator with Alltech, presented the mode of action and most recent experience and data in aquaculture.
·     Dr. Jose Luis Gonzalez Vecin, Scottish Association for Marine Science examined nucleotides and fish.
·     Dan Fegan, of Alltech Thailand showed recent aquaculture results with NuProTM.
·     Dr. Peter Surai, who is head of antioxidant research at Alltech UK,
gave a presentation on the role of organic minerals in modern aquaculture production.
·     Prof. Simon Davies, Plymouth University, spoke about recent aquaculture results with Sel-Plex and  Bioplex Trace Minerals.
·     Dr. Karina Horgan, Senior Research Scientist at Alltech gave a presentation on manufacturing, defining and controlling the production of organic minerals.
·     Dr. Bruce Manning of Catfish Nutrition, USA, talked about the problems of mycotoxins in aqua production.

'As the Aquaculture industry continues to grow, we believe that discussions and  events  such  as  this  one  brings very practical ideas and solutions directly  to  the  people  at  the  forefront,'  said  Aidan  Connolly.  He continued,  ‘The enthusiasm and encouragement we have received at this, our second event, tells us that people are hungry for knowledge and are open to novel  solutions to bring them forward in the industry.  This will continue to be an annual industry event.'