News and AFFB join forces has teamed up with Aqua Feeds: Formulation & Beyond to make the aquafeed industry’s premiere magazine available to subscribers
June 21, 2007 and AFFB join forces

We are excited to announce that has teamed up with Aqua Feeds: Formulation & Beyond (AFFB), to make the aquafeed industry’s premiere magazine available to subscribers.

AFFB, edited by Dr. Victor Suresh, is renowned for its editorial excellence and sets the standard for aquafeed trade publications.

Produced as a print magazine since 2004, AFFB will now become entirely electronic, with a greatly increased circulation.  

The first issue will be published at the end of June.

Contents June 2007:

The Story of Stay C

Victor Suresh

A fascinating story of scientific research and commercial application development that holds many lessons for anyone involved in commercial R&D unfolds as Dr. Victor Suresh, Editor of AFFB, interviews aquafeed consultant, Tim O’Keefe, on the development of Stay C, the stable form of vitamin C, now manufactured and sold by DSM.


Measuring protein quality in vitro

Daniel Lemos, Marine Aquaculture Laboratory (LAM) Oceanographic Institute, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Using hepatopancreas extracts from shrimp, protein digestibility of feeds and ingredients can be reliably measured bench top


Application of Enzymes in Aqua Feeds

Koushik Ghosh, Aquaculture Laboratory, Department of Zoology, The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India and Pratap Kumar Mukhopadhyay, Waste Water Aquaculture Divisions of CIFA, Rahara, West Bengal, India

A summary of findings from studies on enzyme application in aquatic animal feeds and provide other useful information for those who want to consider using enzymes in feeds.  


Acidifiers in Aqua Feeds: A Solution for Antibiotic-Free Feeding of Fish and Shrimp

Christian Lückstädt, BIOMIN Deutschland GmbH

Routine use of antibiotics as growth promoters is a matter of debate in the animal farming industry. The EU has banned all antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) from livestock production with effect of January 2006. Alternatives to AGP are sought in a variety of forms. Acidifiers consisting of organic acids and their salts present a promising alternative.


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Editorial plan 2007/8



June 2007

Story of Stay C

In vitro digestibility


Organic acids 

Sep 2007

Feed safety: animal proteins

Feed safety:  GMO

Shrimp feed sizes

Energy in aqua feeds

Dec 2007

Fishmeal replacement: Focus on new products and applications

1.      Krill

2.      Animal proteins

3.      Amino acids

4.      Fish oil substitutes

5.      Feeding effectors

Mar 2008


1.      Carotenoids in shrimp reproduction

2.      Skin coloration in porgy

3.      Understanding pigments and applications

Jun 2008

Gut health




Sep 2008


1.      Aqua feed industry in China

2.      Aquatic animal nutrition research in China

3.      China as a source of feed ingredients and additives

Dec 2008

Recent developments in nutrition research

1.      Warm water fish (Amazonian species)

2.      Marine fish (Cod or halibut)

3.      Novel species (Octopus)

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