AUSTRALIA - Cobia : Wagyu of the Sea

This \'new\' fish is in demand by some of Australia\'s top restaurants. Video report.
April 13, 2016

Pip Courtney, presenter: Many of the country\'s top restaurants are featuring a new Australian fish on their menus called cobia. Known by Queensland fisherman as black kingfish, cobia is drawing plaudits from some of our top chefs, who\'ve dubbed it \"the Wagyu of the sea\".

Cobia is only grown at one fish farm in North Queensland, but those who research, farm and cook it are predicting it has the potential to become a multimillion-dollar industry for northern Australia.

With three high-end restaurants and the catering contract for the Caulfield Racetrack, Melbourne chef Ian Curley feeds thousands of diners every week. And he\'s fussy. The premium ingredients he buys have to tick a lot of boxes and he says cobia ticks them all.

Source: ABC Landline. Read the full transcript or watch the video (15min 22sec)